A money back guarantee

We all want to minimize the overhead associated with contract negotiation and administration. To do this, we need a clear framework to work within. Rather than complex contracts, we offer a simple guarantee of quality.

At the end of each sprint we will demonstrate our progress in the form of a live demonstration, and our promise to you is that if at you are not happy with work completed during the previous sprint you can cancel the project and we will not charge you for the work completed during that sprint.

Alternatively, if you decide to cancel during sprints 2-5, we will only charge you 50% of our standard billing rate for that sprint.

In return for the risk we take on, we require a dedicated product owner from your organisation who knows your business and is willing to collaborate fully with us on the project. This person must have the appropriate authority to make decisions unhindered on a daily basis.

As we will be building out your solution iteratively, you will be in a position to change your product requirements, as your business requirements change thus allowing our teams to focus on delivery of maximum business value. Just some of the benefits of Agile software development with SCRUM.