Pinesoft release PostID Toolkit

PostID is a solution toolkit recently developed by Pinesoft from the foundations of the patented MBagger system.  Feature rich, in response to many and varied client demands, it allows Pinesoft to rapidly compose solutions to many courier and logistical problems. The toolkit has the ability to address lengthy and manual processes, which have a negative effect on revenue and performance.

The new programme captures data electronically; using the MBagger patented technology, PostID is able to improve OCR read rates in scanning addresses and converting them to text. The PostID toolkit will cleanse and transact data with management information systems, with the ability to send and receive information such as tracking, routing and pricing. Results can then be printed onto media such as paper, cards and labels using bar codes, text and/or graphics.

The PostID toolkit takes data-feeds from electronic scales, volumetric scanners, sorting machines, handheld/flatbed/sheet-fed scanners and any interfaced IT system.