Pinesoft partner with CubeLogic Systems for Volumetric Scanning solutions

Posting an item is no longer a simple matter of attaching postage stamps dependant on the weight of an item. Further metrics play their part in determining the charge for sending an envelope, packet or parcel.

Most postal network employees manually measure the dimensional size of an item. Typically done with a traditional tool like a ruler or tape measure and followed by rudimentary mathematics to calculate the volumetric size. This process is both time consuming and susceptible to human error, so as a result a loss in revenue is always a possibility.

Pinesoft have developed a solution to replace the inefficient process of revenue protection and volumetric sizing by partnering with Australian scanning specialists, CubeLogic Systems (

Pinesoft’s revolutionary postal solutions toolkit, PostID, takes a data feed from advance and precise volumetric scanning lasers and incorporates that with weighing data feeds to remove all but the simplest handling elements to the dimensioning process.

Perfect for the task of revenue protection or data file compilation, the PostID toolkit can capture the metrics and integrate directly into your IT systems to create a seamless and error free system extension.

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CubeLogic Systems (
Rade Naumoski, the project manager of CubeLogic Systems, saw Pinesoft’s PostID software at Post- Expo 2011 and immediately identified it as the perfect partner for their dimensional scanner. By combining the volumetric scanner from CubeLogic Systems with Pinesoft’s PostID software you get the ultimate partnership guaranteed to save time and, ultimately, money.