Code Generators and Productivity

Pinesoft have long believed in the productivity enhancements which can be offered to our customers by the intelligent use of Code generators (Computer aided software design tools which can generate significant percentages of entire applications, without hand coding them). We generated our first one of these in 1995, and it was responsible for about 50% of the code for the project that it was used for.
Software generated by a code generator is effectively bug free, and so is not just cheap to build, but stable and cheap to maintain. No flexibility is lost, as the output is merely software source code, which can be taken away by a client and modified directly if required.
We are proud to announce that our third generation tool, ‘App Foundry’ is now capable of creating entire simple business applications, with almost no direct development effort. App Foundry is now entirely capable of building persistency layers, business object models and the user forms required to create, edit and delete, as well as to navigate through the application itself.

Contact Pinesoft for a demonstration of how App Foundry can dramatically reduce the cost of your new busines software application.