Agile development

Scrum is an iterative agile methodology for project management of software development projects.

With agile becoming something of a buzzword, many development houses claim to be agile while failing to realise the methodology's full potential. Pinesoft lives and breaths agile and the results are apparent in the speed and efficiency with which we deliver software solutions for our clients.

Relevant case studies

dataguardian zinc whisker remediation for data centres


Dataguardian™ is a unique conformal coating designed to completely solve zinc whisker problems in the data centre. Pinesoft are working with Dataguard Solutions Ltd. to bring the product to market. This work involves general design and construction of their website, built using the popular Wordpress CMS. More...
Vehicle Rental Damage Software IMS

Rental Vehicle Damage Software

IMS is a simple and powerful web based solution for auditing damage claims within the fleet industry. The platform is compliant whilst transparent, offering document and workflow management from first notification of liability to settlement of the claim. It is the complete vehicle rental damage software solution. More...

Unlocking the UK housing market for investors and homeowners

The Challenge: The integration, cleansing, and ongoing updating of 60 million records representing UK houses worth more than £4,000bn. Founded at the end of 2010, Castle Trust is a new type of financial institution, which unlocks the UK housing market for investors seeking house price returns, and provides new choices for homeowners seeking flexibility in how they buy or remortgage their home. More...

Logistics Data Collection / Entry

When Nightline decided to implement an InPost easyPack locker solution in Ireland, they required a means of entering the data for the inbound shipments into their booking and locker management system. Without wishing to integrate to every carrier in Ireland, any of whom could be delivering time sensitive parcels to their door daily, an elegant fast solution had to be devised. More...

Process Automation and Productivity Multiplier

An alternative model to bespoke software solutions, or complex off the shelf packages, is a software toolkit. A software toolkit is a highly configurable core software base; it differs from an off the shelf software package, in that core functions and mappings between different components of a solution are highly flexible and can be manipulated without the need to re-engineer the code base. Powerful visual tools are used to develop flexible customised solutions. More...
Pinesoft Partnership Marken Clinical Trials Logistics

Logistics for clinical trials

Marken supports the premium logistics of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and clinical service companies. How can it respond to its clients’ evolving needs? More...
Pinesoft Partnership Marken Clinical Trials Logistics

Legacy Replacement

To manage the logistics of clinical trials requires accurate, reliable, flexible systems.  When those systems near their end of life, how do you manage their replacement? More...
Pinesoft Partnership Mobile Preference Service MPS

MPS Development

Pinesoft employed agile development processes and utilised Smalltalk and Gemstone technology, the full GLASS stack, to rapidly develop the Mobile Preference Service system. More...
Pinesoft Connectivity IVR System Integration

Web Services for System Integration

IVR [Intelligent Voice Recognition] Pinesoft deliver Web Services for an interactive phone system to speed up DX Group redelivery bookings. More...
Pinesoft Partnership Business Direct Exchange 960x260


Creating operational and management software for an innovative, green, 'last mile' delivery solution. More...
Pinesoft # Mail sorting technology from Siemens

Mail consolidation control

Swiss Post's operations are based on precision and reliability. A bespoke application from Pinesoft helps its UK division maintain their exacting standards. More...
Pinesoft Partnership Mobile Preference Service MPS

Mobile Preference Service

With the MPS, Pinesoft used high performance software products, Gemstone and Smalltalk to build an application that enables 76 million mobile users to control the flow of commercial SMS to their handsets. More...