Code Generators (CASE tools)

App foundry is Pinesofts third generation Code generator. Written in .NET and generating .NET C# code it capable of handlign the majority of the code required of business applications, from simple in house tools through to enterprise class applications. With a near 20 year history in code generators we are justly proud of the capabilities of this tool which now can handle the following:

  1. Persistency layer (Database)
  2. Business object layer
  3. Presentation layer (user forms required to search create and edit the business objects)
This set of capabilities allows us to very rapidly prototype a solution for a client, and offers a high percentage of machine generated bug free code to reduce build and maintenance cost, massively increasing ROI for the client. �

Relevant case studies

Vehicle Rental Damage Software IMS

Rental Vehicle Damage Software

IMS is a simple and powerful web based solution for auditing damage claims within the fleet industry. The platform is compliant whilst transparent, offering document and workflow management from first notification of liability to settlement of the claim. It is the complete vehicle rental damage software solution. More...


Customiser ™ is a sophisticated Subscriber Management System (SMS) capable of interacting with multiple Conditional Access (CA) systems across a single subscriber base. It handles all areas of subscriber management from pricing, billing and content distribution through card and equipment management. More...
Pinesoft Partnership DHL Logistics Software

DHL Global Mail

When the UK mail industry was opened up to private competition, Pinesoft developed the SpeedSorter system for DHL Global Mail, allowing it to become a major force in this new market . More...
Pinesoft Partnership Business Direct Exchange 960x260


Creating operational and management software for an innovative, green, 'last mile' delivery solution. More...

Internet connectivity management

The ongoing work with Bentley Walker Ltd shows how well-designed bespoke software systems support the evolution of a business, enhance employee productivity and improve company efficiency. It has enabled Bentley Walker to become 'Almost certainly the most successful satellite broadband reseller outside of the United States' according to Comsys. More...
Pinesoft Partnership NHK JSTV Conditional Access Systems

NHK CosmoMedia

The subscription system for NHK CosmoMedia's satellite TV service was developed by Pinesoft to give NHK the performance and flexibility needed to develop their customer base, operate digital services and manage financial reporting. More...
Pinesoft Partnership SMS Logistics Software

Proof Of Delivery System

Pinesoft developed a best-in-class proof of delivery system for Secure Mail Services. The old response time of 24 hours for a manifest request was reduced to a matter of seconds. More...