Document Management

Pinesoft have incorporated a range of document management solutions into a large variety of applications since 1997. these have ranged from simple means of incorporating contact data into CRM class applications to solutions capable of handling terabytes of data each week.

Relevant case studies

Vehicle Rental Damage Software IMS

Rental Vehicle Damage Software

IMS is a simple and powerful web based solution for auditing damage claims within the fleet industry. The platform is compliant whilst transparent, offering document and workflow management from first notification of liability to settlement of the claim. It is the complete vehicle rental damage software solution. More...


Customiser ™ is a sophisticated Subscriber Management System (SMS) capable of interacting with multiple Conditional Access (CA) systems across a single subscriber base. It handles all areas of subscriber management from pricing, billing and content distribution through card and equipment management. More...
Pinesoft # Mail sorting technology from Siemens

Mail consolidation control

Swiss Post's operations are based on precision and reliability. A bespoke application from Pinesoft helps its UK division maintain their exacting standards. More...
Pinesoft Partnership NHK JSTV Conditional Access Systems

NHK CosmoMedia

The subscription system for NHK CosmoMedia's satellite TV service was developed by Pinesoft to give NHK the performance and flexibility needed to develop their customer base, operate digital services and manage financial reporting. More...
Pinesoft Partnership SMS Logistics Software

Proof Of Delivery System

Pinesoft developed a best-in-class proof of delivery system for Secure Mail Services. The old response time of 24 hours for a manifest request was reduced to a matter of seconds. More...