New business start-up

A new business rarely find the software it needs in off-the-shelf packages because packages are there to serve the standard market, not innovative new ventures. If they aren’t software developers themselves, the business may be tempted to use a cheap, offshore resource. However, offshore programmers need to follow a fixed specification. And new businesses don’t remain fixed, they evolve and adapt. So a young and dynamic business quickly finds itself hamstrung by its own software. Pinesoft developers, in contrast, collaborate directly with entrepreneurs and management teams to create systems that really support new business models. We also rebuild existing systems in order to deliver superior services with scalability and reliability.

Relevant case studies

dataguardian zinc whisker remediation for data centres


Dataguardian™ is a unique conformal coating designed to completely solve zinc whisker problems in the data centre. Pinesoft are working with Dataguard Solutions Ltd. to bring the product to market. This work involves general design and construction of their website, built using the popular Wordpress CMS. More...

Unlocking the UK housing market for investors and homeowners

The Challenge: The integration, cleansing, and ongoing updating of 60 million records representing UK houses worth more than £4,000bn. Founded at the end of 2010, Castle Trust is a new type of financial institution, which unlocks the UK housing market for investors seeking house price returns, and provides new choices for homeowners seeking flexibility in how they buy or remortgage their home. More...

Logistics Data Collection / Entry

When Nightline decided to implement an InPost easyPack locker solution in Ireland, they required a means of entering the data for the inbound shipments into their booking and locker management system. Without wishing to integrate to every carrier in Ireland, any of whom could be delivering time sensitive parcels to their door daily, an elegant fast solution had to be devised. More...
Pinesoft Partnership Mobile Preference Service MPS

MPS Development

Pinesoft employed agile development processes and utilised Smalltalk and Gemstone technology, the full GLASS stack, to rapidly develop the Mobile Preference Service system. More...
Pinesoft Partnership DHL Logistics Software

DHL Global Mail

When the UK mail industry was opened up to private competition, Pinesoft developed the SpeedSorter system for DHL Global Mail, allowing it to become a major force in this new market . More...
Pinesoft Partnership Business Direct Exchange 960x260


Creating operational and management software for an innovative, green, 'last mile' delivery solution. More...