Smalltalk is an object orientated program language, originating from the Xerox PARC research facility, the home of modern computing. After extensive research it has been selected by Pinesoft as one of its core technologies because of its power and flexibility.

Relevant case studies


Logistics Data Collection / Entry

When Nightline decided to implement an InPost easyPack locker solution in Ireland, they required a means of entering the data for the inbound shipments into their booking and locker management system. Without wishing to integrate to every carrier in Ireland, any of whom could be delivering time sensitive parcels to their door daily, an elegant fast solution had to be devised. More...

Process Automation and Productivity Multiplier

An alternative model to bespoke software solutions, or complex off the shelf packages, is a software toolkit. A software toolkit is a highly configurable core software base; it differs from an off the shelf software package, in that core functions and mappings between different components of a solution are highly flexible and can be manipulated without the need to re-engineer the code base. Powerful visual tools are used to develop flexible customised solutions. More...
MBagger the Handheld Photocopier, Mailing Label Printer, Label Replication and Address Label Printing Equipment, UK


Within logistics depots,  bag labels often need to be duplicated and fixed to consolidated consignments. Doing this manually is slow and inaccurate, leading to delays and errors with consequent costs further down the delivery process. More...
Pinesoft Partnership Mobile Preference Service MPS

MPS Development

Pinesoft employed agile development processes and utilised Smalltalk and Gemstone technology, the full GLASS stack, to rapidly develop the Mobile Preference Service system. More...
Pinesoft Partnership Mobile Preference Service MPS

Mobile Preference Service

With the MPS, Pinesoft used high performance software products, Gemstone and Smalltalk to build an application that enables 76 million mobile users to control the flow of commercial SMS to their handsets. More...