Subscription management

Subscriber management systems control your body of customers who purchase items from you, normally on a subscription basis. A subscriber management system will normally cover all areas of the business from customer management, billing and invoicing through to content distribution and commission handling if appropriate. Pinesoft have significant experience in the development of subscription management systems covering areas as diverse as global publication distribution, television and associated services distribution and the provision of IP services. As the world of digital media expands the ability to manage the distribution of your content electronically and maintain complete control over your revenue streams makes this a significant growth area.

Relevant case studies


Customiser ™ is a sophisticated Subscriber Management System (SMS) capable of interacting with multiple Conditional Access (CA) systems across a single subscriber base. It handles all areas of subscriber management from pricing, billing and content distribution through card and equipment management. More...

Internet connectivity management

The ongoing work with Bentley Walker Ltd shows how well-designed bespoke software systems support the evolution of a business, enhance employee productivity and improve company efficiency. It has enabled Bentley Walker to become 'Almost certainly the most successful satellite broadband reseller outside of the United States' according to Comsys. More...
Pinesoft Partnership NHK JSTV Conditional Access Systems

NHK CosmoMedia

The subscription system for NHK CosmoMedia's satellite TV service was developed by Pinesoft to give NHK the performance and flexibility needed to develop their customer base, operate digital services and manage financial reporting. More...