Internet connectivity management

The ongoing work with Bentley Walker Ltd shows how well-designed bespoke software systems support the evolution of a business, enhance employee productivity and improve company efficiency. It has enabled Bentley Walker to become ‘Almost certainly the most successful satellite broadband reseller outside of the United States’ according to Comsys.

Bentley Walker is an international distributor of Internet Connectivity via satellite (VSAT) with a major presence in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. They have a particular ability to rapidly commission equipment in challenging environments, often for military uses, and provide technical support, all over the world.

In 2001 Bentley Walker approached us to commission a bespoke piece of software to handle this new but growing business. Initially this software was designed to track the information required to support the remote equipment, handle the invoicing of the customers both directly and through an agency model in multiple currencies and finally to interact directly with the satellite systems to monitor and regulate useage of bandwidth by individual VSATs. This new and evolving business would be deemed a financial success once it had acquired 1000 VSAT units actively subscribed to its services.

As the business grew through its first 2000 VSAT units by the middle of 2003, the commercial success was assured, but the operational problems caused by handling the diverse customer base were consuming significant additional resource. Pinesoft have worked with Bentley Walker from delivery of the initial software to the present day to enhance the effectiveness of their business, and support additional business concepts. The software solution now contains automated workflow to handle the subscription cycle, from reminders through physical billing. The process of registration of new equipment is fully automated using email gateways, and ensures that a validated email address is captured and stored for each VSAT without manual intervention. Finally once the business, which also operates a physical shop in Hayling Island, decided to standardise their accounts around Sage, we integrated the output from the IPBilling software directly into Sage, to offer a consolidated view of the business for MI reporting there.

A solution that was delivered on time, to budget, and with the ability to evolve with the real requirements of a growing business, that defines ROI.

“Pinesoft created a bespoke customer management and billing system for our ISP business distributing internet connectivity over satellite. We have run our business on this software for a number of years now, and our business model has changed considerably over that time. Pinesoft have always responded to our changing business with a system that suits our requirements entirely.

The level of automation within the system allows us to accurately bill our customers, and enable our workflow processes with almost no manual intervention. In addition it handles the considerable data required to ensure our engineers can keep our customers systems operational.

We have a stable and efficient piece of software that meets our requirements exactly, and has repaid the investment in it many times over, delivered by a company who inspire our confidence.”

Mr Anthony Walker, CEO , Bentley Walker UK