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Make Wood Good – ECommerce Website required an ECommerce platform to sell the quality epoxy resins that they were importing from Smith and Co. in America into Europe. We investigated their requirements and implemented a WordPress CMS based WooCommerce solution which perfectly fulfils the immediate and future requirements of Make Wood Good.

Benefits of’s implementation

The delivered website delivers a multitude of benefits, streamlining the process for both MakeWoodGood and their customers:

  • Flexible product options offer the following:
    • Many of the products are available in different sizes, and the various size options can be selected from a single product page. Smiths Oak and Teak Epoxy Resin demonstrates this perfectly
    • The product options can be extended to multiple variable attributes per product. An example is Smiths Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) which is available in two different temperature formulations and many different sizes. These are all listed as one product, and the selection of variations made at checkout by the customer
    • Flexible bundling options allow for multiple products to be bundled together and sold at a discount for specified purposes. The Render Crack repair Kit demonstrates this perfectly
    • Complex product kits allow up-selling during the purchase process, by offering sensible optional extras such as syringes for injection and colouring kits in with the Rotting Timber Repair Kits for Soft or Hard Woods
  • Complex Shipping rules are implemented restricting the choice of carrier to ones appropriate to the product
  • Support for both workflow and marketing emails
  • Complete User management
  • A near endless amount of usability options, including details such as:
    • Full international address validation during checkout
    • Fast full site wide search engine
    • A tightly integrated review engine

makewoodgood ecommerce website cpes uk europe

Development Process for

MakeWoodGood had an existing eCommerce solution that they had outgrown, and a site that had a significant amount of content.

As the previous site was another WordPress site, the choice of a WordPress site for the new ECommerce solution made the migration process significantly easier.

WooCommerce was chosen, after a careful analysis of requirements and capabilities.

Integration was performed to the various external systems:

  • Multiple carriers
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Accounting System
  • MakeWoodGood Operational Systems

The site was extensively tested on a private host before going live in September 2017.