MBagger the Handheld Photocopier, Mailing Label Printer, Label Replication and Address Label Printing Equipment, UK


Within logistics depots,  bag labels often need to be duplicated and fixed to consolidated consignments. Doing this manually is slow and inaccurate, leading to delays and errors with consequent costs further down the delivery process.

To prevent this, MBagger is available as a standalone product to copy address labels quickly and efficiently, offering a 100% return on investment typically within 100 hours of use.

The software created by Pinesoft to run the MBagger system actively seeks out what it fundamentally recognises as ‘detail’.

It does this by applying a custom filter (an integral adaptive transform filter) to convert the image to a single bit (black and white) image, leaving a clear (usually totally clean) reproduction. All scans can be given custom treatment if required. The printer then outputs a clean, easily readable, duplicate output label.

The overall result is a substantial improvement in productivity, significant savings in process time and wasted labels. Every scan leads to a highly readable output.

“This is a fantastic piece of equipment which prints a readable address every time. Dramatic efficiencies in our mail bagging operation, providing significant savings in the process which in turn led to increased competitiveness in the service offering.”

Mark Smith, Revenue Protection and Quality Manager,
Swiss Post (International) UK