Pinesoft Partnership Mobile Preference Service MPS

MPS Development

Pinesoft employed agile development processes and utilised Smalltalk and Gemstone technology, the full GLASS stack, to rapidly develop the Mobile Preference Service system.

Pinesoft’s knowledge and understanding of high performing transactional and database driven systems enabled them to design and offer a service that would change the industry for the better. The idea behind the Mobile Preference Service (MPS) is brought to life by simple interfaces and simple logic allowing technology to take the brunt of the difficult concepts.
Proactivity in regulation has historically been on the back foot, if ever possible. Allowing an entire industry to take a mile-high view of the commercial distribution of SMS sounds like a tall order. Giving power to the masses without service disruption and difficult control mechanisms seems a bridge too far.
All this and more is provided to the commercial portion of a €5.4bn industry by a Pinesoft developed solution for the Mobile Preference Service.
Simple Solutions.

The Mobile Preference Service approached Pinesoft with a concept to aid the Mobile community in controlling the flow of SMS messages (Premium & Marketing) to their handsets. This requires several functional areas of a system to work together. The volumes of both users and SMS messages in the UK required a system solution that is able to scale at an exponential rate. The interactions for all affected parties are also simplified by the use of well-known interfaces. In place, the system will enable a retrospective and prospective view on the commercial SMS world.
Perfect Partners.

Pinesoft’s working relationship encourages good communication, Client prioritisation and a flexible approach to achieving development goals. The Mobile Preference Service had full control of the development roadmap through inclusion in the work specification and planning. As priorities changed, Pinesoft were able to change the work with them. It was as easy as joining Lego bricks. If a decision to change the position of a brick was made by MPS, Pinesoft moved the development schedule to match, something that would be an administrative nightmare with traditional project planning.