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Creating operational and management software for an innovative, green, ‘last mile’ delivery solution.

Business Direct is a leading producer and operator of unattended, automated locker banks, the ParcelXchange. The UK ParcelXchange network currently consists of over 5000 individual lockers which are delivered to every night, and accessible24 hours a day. Target users are service engineers in companies looking for operational efficiencies and enhanced SLAs. Companies such as Eon energy, Npower and Jungheinrich.

Pinesoft created the operational and management software suite, SoftLocker, in 2002 and continues to work on the expansion of ParcelXchanges’ system SoftLocker’s capabilities.
The inventors came to Pinesoft in 2002 following a recommendation from Secure Mail Services. The business wished to enter into a new market, and the only software systems capable of running unattended locker banks were developed by their competitors in this market. To become the dominant player in the UK market, Business Direct knew that reliability and security of the operational software would be absolutely vital.
Pinesoft listened to their ideas, their immediate requirements, and their best guesses as to how this new and evolving market may develop. In just a few months SoftLocker was created. This bespoke software tracks all deliveries in real time, ensures secure access to the right delivery by the right person and alerts users to the availability of deliveries with SMS and email notifications. The exchange network is monitored continually to ensure high availability and individual exchanges can be remotely controlled should a user forget their access card.
With more customers such as Canon, HP and Siemens, Business Direct (now part of the DX Group) has expanded the service overseas. Pinesoft has helped with this service and ParcelXchanges have been installed in locations as diverse as Finland, Estonia, Ireland and Singapore.
ParcelXchange’s growth means the demands on SoftLocker continue to evolve. Pinesoft’s flexible team is responding, always meeting the requirements of additional business models or the specific requirements of particular customers.
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