Vehicle Rental Damage Software IMS

Rental Vehicle Damage Software

IMS is a simple and powerful web based solution for auditing damage claims within the fleet industry. The platform is compliant whilst transparent, offering document and workflow management from first notification of liability to settlement of the claim. It is the complete vehicle rental damage software solution.

Benefits of IMS, the complete vehicle rental damage software solution:

  • Reduces administration for what can be a very labour intensive process
  • Improved efficiency in managing damage claims for your fleet
  • Positive affect to companies bottom line ensuring all SLA’s are managed and agreed on time
  • Simple to learn, easy to use
  • Central storage of all documentation offers worldwide access to all parties at all times
  • Provides a central database for all your customers and suppliers to process claims
  • Zero capital expenditure
  • Unlimited users for you, your suppliers and your customers

IMS, The Vehicle Rental Damage Software Solution

System overview

The solution is web based and offers fast secure access to all relevant data from any internet workstation at all times.

Incident Management System may be managed by either a broker, who manages rental vehicle between a hirer (customer) and a supplier, or by a supplier to manage their own claims with their customers.

The broker undertakes a management role, allocating new claims to the correct customer, and is capable of mediating the relationship between the supplier and customer in the event of disagreement.

vehicle rental damage broker software



All Your claims in one space

All active claims are easily accessible at all times. View, edit and manage all claims between the supplier and customer with ease. Take advantage of 9 different search options for instant search and retrieval:

vehicle rental damage software claims

Workflow and Documentation Hub

The workflow ensures that the correct set of documentation is present to enable the customer to agree a claim before the supplier is allowed to present an invoice for the damage, saving management time and smoothing the relationship between all parties.

Full ‘to do’ lists allow the progress of any claim to be seen, and the remaining documentation requirements to be readily assessed.

Automatic Filing System with Immediate Recall – add and categorise documents by simply dragging and dropping the file. With all documentation in one accessible space IMS allows you to upload, download and print without hassle.

vehicle rental damage software documents

In-App messaging for all

Keep connected with live message feeds between all parties to ensure transparent communication.

IMS message can also send information to a third party from the app.

vehicle rental damage software message

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