Pinesoft # Mail sorting technology from Siemens

Mail consolidation control

Swiss Post’s operations are based on precision and reliability. A bespoke application from Pinesoft helps its UK division maintain their exacting standards.

Swiss Post is a global specialist in cross-border letter and goods dispatch for business customers and a leading supplier of facilities, document and business process outsourcing solutions. Outside of Switzerland, Swiss Post currently employs more than 8000 people in over 20 countries and achieved a turnover of £1 billion in 2009.

Here in the UK their CEO, Paul Taylor, insists their own operations are run with Swiss precision. To help him achieve this, he contracted Pinesoft to  develop a custom software application to manage the revenue protection in their operations. This proved to be so successful it gave a full return on its investment within the first year of use.

Paul Taylor comments “We have worked with Pinesoft over several years and it helps that they are familiar with our business as well as our technology requirements.”