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PostRoomPro offers a simple, fast and efficient means of managing inbound tracked and untracked mail and parcels, along with your own internal mail if you require, right through to delivery to the consignee. Online real time track and trace and comprehensive proof of delivery capabilities make PostRoomPro  your perfect post room tracking solution.

Post Room Tracking Process

The Post Room Receive Inbound Mail

Booking in of inbound mail by the PostRoomPro Post Room tracking solution is optional.

If used it offers a fast and convenient means of:

  • Confirming the number and identity of consignments that are actually handed over by a carrier
  • Starting the track and trace process for inbound mail allowing accurate reporting on process times
  • Reducing fraud and claims arising from missing or lost parcels
  • Auditing receipt of internal mail if required

Post Room Reconcile Mail Items to the Consignee

Once received at the post room the next step is to allocate packages and mail items to the consignee.

PostRoomPro has a unique fast and intuitive reconciliation system, built around our PostID toolkit, that uses an imaging barcode scanner which is supplied with the system.

This scanner is capable of both reading barcodes, and also of taking images like a camera.

PostRoomPro uses this scanner to first scan the tracking barcode on a parcel, and then it is used to photograph the address text on the delivery.

post room tracking datalogic pd9530

mail room tracking ocr to identify the consignee

The photographed text is automatically read, using a process known as optical character recognition (this is the same technique used to read your licence plate when entering congestion charge zones or average speed check zones).

The text from the address, which will contain the consignee name, is then matched against your employee database to find out who the recipient is.

Your postman has just, without putting down the scanner or using a keyboard, entered a delivery onto the system and assigned it to a consignee.

internal mail tracking incoming deliveries reconciliation ocr

Reconciliation can also capture:

  • The inbound carrier
  • The service used to send the package
  • The sender
  • Client specific data – we offer configurable fields that may be set to capture data for your specific requirements

Reconciliation will, in a few short seconds:

  • Assign the inbound package to it’s consignee
  • Send them a notification email with:
    • Tracking details
    • A collection barcode
  • Notify the postman if the consignee is at a different site
  • Audit the package with the track and trace information
  • Leave the delivery in a fit state to be either:
    • Delivered
    • Collected
    • Transferred to the correct site

Delivering Inbound Mail – The Postman Does a Delivery Run

Many sites use their post room staff to deliver internal and external mail around their offices. This model is fully supported by PostRoomPro.

Rugged PDA devices, equipped with barcode scanners, are used to perform delivery runs:

PDA’s are operated online or offline, as specified by the clients security requirements

  • A run is composed, consisting of one or more deliveries that are ready to be delivered
  • The post man visits consignees one at a time; he may deliver multiple packages to each consignee with just one proof of delivery (POD)
  • PODs are collected from each consignee according to the clients requirements:
    • Signature
    • Location barcode
    • Photograph
  • Notes can be added to each POD if required
  • Undelivered packages are returned at the end of the run
  • Postman track and trace activity is visible immediately if operated online

Collecting Inbound Mail – The Consignee Collects

Many sites operate a model where consignees are expected to collect their mail from the post-room. Universities and residential blocks are examples of institutions where this model is often employed

post room tracking notification email postroompro

In this model the consignee is notified that they must collect their mail by the notification email generated at reconciliation, which will contain a barcode that allows the consignee to collect that package.

On arrival at the post-room the consignee asks for the package – typically showing the notification email on their phone.

The post room scan both the package and the barcode directly from the phone, ensuring that the correct package is handed over to the correct consignee.

A POD is generated, ensuring that the mail room tracking is both complete and secure.

Their is normally no requirement to print the email, as the scanner can read the barcode from the screen of most smartphones.

Post Room Tracking – Where is my parcel?

PostRoomPro comes with a suite of web reporting tools.

Mail Item Tracking

The first one is the individual item post room tracking report. This is an individual item query tool that will show all details of a delivery, and it’s POD details if it is delivered.

Bulk Mail Items Track and Trace Reporting

PostRoomPro comes with a variety of reports capable of reporting on tracked mail items reported on  by date range and optionally by Site. these reports include:

  • A Delivery Manifest – What arrived?
  • A History Report – What happened to it?
  • An Undelivered Report – what isn’t delivered yet?

Mail Room Tracking – Management Reporting

In addition PostRoomPro comes with a variety of management reports which report on the tracked inbound mail items by date range, and optionally by site. these can give interesting insights into the characteristics of the work that your post room is being asked to do, and can also be used to measure the efficiency of the post room.

  • Process Time Report – percentage failing SLA’s
  • Senders report – mail items from who?
  • Carriers report – carried by who?

To find out more about PostRoomPro – or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.