Pinesoft Partnership DX Exchange

Locker Booking

An increasing range of third parties like British Gas, required access to the core BusinessDirect SoftLocker system without having to log in and learn to use another system.

To avoid the costs of training staff to use new systems, and instead, keep it familiar and simple to use, Web Services were the logical solution.

Pinesoft developed a set of web services for use by third parties’ systems. All the core functionality was included, such as searching for available lockers of the desired size, obtaining prices, reserving lockers and creating deliveries. All this can now be done without the user leaving the comfort and familiarity of their own enterprise application.

Once they have made the booking, the web services can even transmit an image of the corresponding delivery label to be printed locally and fixed to the parcel. This gives clear confirmation of the order and avoids unnecessary development time and cost.