Pinesoft Connectivity IVR System Integration

Web Services for System Integration

IVR [Intelligent Voice Recognition]
Pinesoft deliver Web Services for an interactive phone system to speed up DX Group redelivery bookings.

Working with the DX Group, Pinesoft enables 61 million people* to reschedule missed deliveries via an automated telephone system that can recognise the spoken word and work with the caller to schedule a new and more suitable delivery time. The system is designed to be flexible to both provider and consumer allowing existing and new charging schedules to be delivered at the touch of a button.

Pinesoft’s knowledge and understanding of high performing transactional and database driven systems enabled them to design and produce a set of web services that would extend the previous suite of logistics software for the DX Group, enabling them to save money, resource and time in a busy call centre.

In replacing the existing aged IVR system that provided limited interactivity and only update information, the DX Group hoped to take on the Christmas rush with a new system that would negate the need for seasonal resourcing.

The three company partnership incorporating Pinesoft, Syntellect Solutions and the DX Group worked to integrate a new IVR and CTI system with the DX’s MailBase suite of logistics software.

Service Solutions

Using SOA, Pinesoft developed a set of Web Services that would continue to support the Web interaction and delivery rescheduling but extend the capability to allow the IVR to deal with the bulk of inbound telephone calls that previously would have been handled by call centre employees.

The solution factored business logic existing within the suite, a conversation flow set out by Syntellect to enable users to be guided and interacted with aiding swift rebooking and the capability to allow exception traffic to be transferred to an operator who would be furnished with the data captured until that point on screen. On completion, the caller can be returned to the IVR system for further & final interactions.

Integrated Design

Pinesoft’s work used Microsoft C# Web Services with SSL Security to provide facades for the Web Site and Telephone system whilst incorporated CTI into the desktop software used by Call Centre Staff.

With full, partial and limited delivery rescheduling including Call Centre call-breakouts, the solution delivered met all the requirements provided by the DX Group.

Launched prior to the Christmas rush in 2010, the DX Group saw immediate return on their investment and a successful system launch that will reduce the burden on all their call centres.