Customiser ™ is a sophisticated Subscriber Management System (SMS) capable of interacting with multiple Conditional Access (CA) systems across a single subscriber base. It handles all areas of subscriber management from pricing, billing and content distribution through card and equipment management. It can be deployed on site or in a hosted model, making it suitable for all classes of installation, from managing a small number of head ends through to complete management of a subscriber base of hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Customiser has a wide feature set within it, including the following:

  • Set top box managment
  • Decoder card managment
  • Flexible pricing algorithms
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple VAT rates
  • Full Invoicing capabilities
  • Multiple CA interfaces (including concurrent capabilities)
  • Full auditing capabilities
  • User rights managment
  • Integrated document managment system
  • Integrated CRM functionality
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Email and SMS integration
  • Task automation

PCI Compliant



ustomiser’s screens record customer demographics and subscription details including source and campaign type, location, currency, VAT and product type. This allows accurate service delivery and payment collections.

Credit card payments are handled inside the system with authorisations recorded and payments received in batches. Comprehensive transaction history is maintained and a document management system assists with retrieval of customer correspondence.

When a payment is authorised, Customiser sends a signal to authenticate the decoder card which is assigned to the set-top box.

If the contract is terminated or payments cease Customiser can issue the signal to deactivate the decoder card so that decryption ceases.

Customiser supports multiple CAs – Conditional Access systems – to cover for future technology changes, migrations between suppliers and multiple routes to market.