Pinesoft Partnership SMS Logistics Software

Proof Of Delivery System

Pinesoft developed a best-in-class proof of delivery system for Secure Mail Services. The old response time of 24 hours for a manifest request was reduced to a matter of seconds.

Secure Mail Services (SMS) is the second largest secure courier service, by volume, in the UK after Royal Mail.

Being able to notify the client of the name of the signatory in the case of a delivery query is the single most important piece of information in the ‘proof of delivery’ trail. Prior to the Pinesoft solution, all daily manifests (the paper record carrying all signatures from a delivery driver’s drop-offs) were physically stored in a retrieval warehouse, with a staff of four assigned to retrieve them when requested.

Now the signed documents are simply scanned into a database. Both the retrieval warehouse and the staff of four have been re-deployed, facilitating enormous savings in overheads.