Optical Character recognition

Pinesoft have a near 20 year history in Optical Character recognition and can now rapidly and cheaply deploy this technology into productivity and connectivity applications through the use of our PostID toolkit. PostID fully supports a wide variety of industry leading OCR toolkits, and a large variety of hardware for aquiring images to process. The ease with which high quality touch screen capable productivity applications can be assembled means that it is now possible to effectively automate processed currently handled by only one or two employees, and see a very rapid ROI.

Relevant case studies

Logistics Data Collection / Entry

When Nightline decided to implement an InPost easyPack locker solution in Ireland, they required a means of entering the data for the inbound shipments into their booking and locker management system. Without wishing to integrate to every carrier in Ireland, any of whom could be delivering time sensitive parcels to their door daily, an elegant fast solution had to be devised. More...

Process Automation and Productivity Multiplier

An alternative model to bespoke software solutions, or complex off the shelf packages, is a software toolkit. A software toolkit is a highly configurable core software base; it differs from an off the shelf software package, in that core functions and mappings between different components of a solution are highly flexible and can be manipulated without the need to re-engineer the code base. Powerful visual tools are used to develop flexible customised solutions. More...
Pinesoft Partnership SMS Logistics Software

Proof Of Delivery System

Pinesoft developed a best-in-class proof of delivery system for Secure Mail Services. The old response time of 24 hours for a manifest request was reduced to a matter of seconds. More...